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Priority Pass Review – Is a Priority Pass Membership Card Worth It?

If you fly a lot, whether for a business trip or traveling, have you ever known or heard about Priority Pass? What is Priority Pass exactly? You can probably already guess from the name, more or less. This service will make you a priority when you are at the airport and you can get a lot of benefits that you can enjoy as a Very Important Person or VIP. Below is the complete useful review of Priority Pass that you should know.

What is the Priority Pass?

Priority Pass coupon codesPriority Pass is the leading airport lounge access program in the world. It allows you to access an airport lounge wherever you are traveling, no matter what your travel class is or the airline you choose. Whether you frequently travel or not, Priority Pass will make sure that your flight and trip will be stress-free. Priority Pass corporates with more than 1300 airport lounges that are spread in 600 cities in more than 148 countries all over the world. By using the Priority Pass application, the members will also be able to access exclusive options of a spa, retail, dining, and also sleeping in selected airports. Doesn’t it sound super convenient for you?

Priority Pass began when the founder witness the holders of premium class flight tickets enjoy exclusivity while the departure hall is quite a mess. So, he decided to build Priority Pass where exclusivity is provided at affordable prices. With this airport lounge access program, you will be treated like a Very Important Person or VIP. Enjoy being treated like a number one person instead of a part of a herd.

Visit Site: www.prioritypass.com

The Benefits of Being Priority Pass Members:

You must be curious about 2 things after knowing what Priority Pass is: why we need Priority Pass card? What are the main benefits of being a Priority Pass member? Priority Pass offers 3 different memberships, which are Standard, Standard Plus, and Prestige. No matter which membership you choose to join, you can get comfortable benefits that will make your flight and travel stress-free. Here are the benefits that you can get from being a member of Priority Pass.

  • Access to Comfortable Airport Lounges

The main benefit of being a member of Priority Pass is having access to more than 1300 airport lounges in more than 148 countries in the world. In addition, more airport lounges are added every month. Priority Pass will definitely help you to maximize your membership as well as help you to get more from your membership.

  • Lounge Class

Whether you fly for a business trip or traveling with your family and friends, Priority Pass offers you a room to get relaxed and refreshed before you fly. This includes complimentary refreshments in most airport lounges. Such as free alcohol and snacks from the available selection. As a member of Priority Pass, you can rely on Lounge Class. So, it is really worth it to come early to the airport.

  • A Space to Keep Connected and Working

Enjoy free Wi-Fi in one of more than 1300 airport lounges so that you will be able to stay connected to your co-workers, colleagues, friends, and family. You will never miss any important emails. Moreover, you will also be able to make sure that all of your personal gadgets have full batteries before boarding. Because you can charge them up in the airport lounge.

  • Exclusive Options

As it has been said before, members of Priority Pass can enjoy exclusive options of airport dining, spa, and shopping. The members can enjoy savings on those airport exclusive options with more than 800 special offers in the whole world. Once again, it is really worth to arrive early at the airport. Free yourself from stress before catching your flight.

  • Premium Services and Supports

The support and service team of Priority Pass is professional and expert. They can speak multiple languages and are ready to give their best services and supports for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You are able to send them a fax, email, or mail according to your location. Find out more on its official website.

Those are the benefits of being a member of Priority Pass. There are still other benefits that can be enjoyed by the members, such as quiet and cozy airport lounges, showers, conference rooms, and other facilities in certain airport lounges.

Priority vs. Priority Pass Select

There are terms of Priority Pass and Priority Pass Select that make some people are getting confused. What is the difference between Priority Pass vs. Priority Pass Select? So, Priority Pass is the company’s name which offers the members to lounge in its airport lounge network. You are able to buy and join the memberships of Priority Pass directly on its official website. The annual fee of the Priority Pass’ starts from $99. This leading airport lounge access program offers 3 distinctive memberships that can be chosen. Here are the details along with the annual fee:

  • Standard: $99 per year, includes member visits and guest visits for $32 each.
  • Standard Plus: $299 per year, includes 10 free visits with the next visits for $32 for member visits and guest visits.
  • Prestige: $429 per year, includes all free member visits and $32 for guest visits.

Those are the types of memberships offered by Priority Pass. The standard membership will be suitable for occasional travelers, standard plus membership for regular travelers, and prestige membership for frequent travelers. Even though you have full freedom to choose one membership according to your preferences.

On the other hand, there are a lot of US credit cards that offer club access advantages which are called Priority Pass Select. It used to be the memberships of Priority Pass included United Club lounges while the memberships of Priority Pass Select did not include. But since the United Club is not a part of either Priority Pass or Priority Pass Select, there is a little bit of difference between the advantages of Priority Pass memberships which are directly bought and the ones of Priority Pass Select offered by US credit cards.

However, several US credit cards provide the advantages of Priority Pass Select for only a person, while some others include guests. In both cases, both members of Priority Pass and Priority Pass Select are able to pay for additional guest visits outside the benefits they get for $32 per guest.

A Quick Prioritypass.com Reviews:

Website Layout

Priority Pass review

If you access the official website of Priority Pass (https://www.prioritypass.com/), you can see how simple yet informative the website is. You can find any information that you want to know on its official website. Such as how to join, benefits of membership, sitemap, member support, and many more. In addition, Priority Pass provides easy navigation on its official website. You are able to register and log into your account on the official website.


Some of you are probably concerned about your privacy: the details and personal information you insert on the official website of Priority Pass. You do not have to be worried about it. Because your personal information and details are protected and secured by SSL security. The business is also totally fulfilled PCI.

Order & Payment:

What about the payment methods accepted by Priority Pass? This airport lounge access program accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, and also Visa Debit except in the Asia Pacific. You have to take note that Priority Pass does not accept bank transfers and checks.

Priority Pass Review – Should I Buy Priority Pass Membership?

Especially if you are a frequent traveler whether for vacations or business trips, joining membership of Priority Pass will be very beneficial for you. By being a member, you will be able to improve your flight experience. Your flight and travel will be free from stress. Enjoy a cozy and convenient space to be relaxed and refreshed before you catch your flight. Enjoy also free drinks and bites and other complementary refreshments in more than 1300 airport lounges all over the world. Enjoy the benefits at affordable prices. Seeing those benefits, it is really worth it to join Priority Pass. Please remember to check our Priority Pass coupon codes to save your money at checkout.

That is the review of Priority Pass; a leading airport lounge access program. Hopefully, you can find the review useful. So, are you interested to join as a member of Priority Pass?

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